Dr. Vogelherrmannstein

Name: Doktor Edwan Von Vogelherrmannstein

Aliases: Herr Doktor, Retarded Scientist, Vogelstein, Edwan

Played By: Kazuyaki

Position: SCP Medical researcher (Security Level 4 Level 3, Just in case)

Description: German Male. 57 year-old, Blonde hair and blue eyes. His height is 187cm's and weighs about 97kg's. Commonly seen wearing a black trenchcoat and small, round prescription glasses.

Background: Dr. Edwan hails from Bremen/Germany. He has been working on the foundation for 14 years, and specialises in SCP Healthcare. He was demoted from his former security clearence due to his inappropriate actions. Has been granted his own laboratory for experiments and research purposes. Has a very heavy accent while speaking, and isn't generally friendly. Has been notorious to his colleagues because of his mostly "Unethical" experiments on D-class. He is mentally a bit unstable, and almost always has malevolent intentions. Albeit the fact that he is a medical researcher, he is a former Electrical engineer and inventor. Still uses his laboratory for his experiments on electricity and mechanical physics sometimes. He is not very "Liked" between D-class as well, hence the words scratched on the walls of his laboratory by people who were unfortunate enough to be his victims. "A Keter might've ripped your flesh from your bones, a meme hazard might be slowly turning your inner organs into snakes, but there is still one thing: BEWARE. THE. DOKTOR.". He loves any kind of thing that can hurt living beings, he hates O5-54. His current goal is to find "Dr.Wondertainment", for reasons unknown.

On the sidenote, he has a a severe case of Alzheimers.

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