Dr. Vladimir Ivanov

Name: Vladimir Alexei Ivanov

Aliases: Dr.Ivanov, Krasnyy.

Clereance Level: L-4

Background: He was found in a Siberian research lab (Soviet Union) no one knows if he's already named Vladimir or he's lying about that. Formely posees clereance level L-4. works with Undercover Task Force Beta-1. (The ammount of times are unknow) the 95% about his past works and relations we're closed in archives with Memetical protection. worked in the termination of [DATA EXPUNGED] exposed subjects, and doing missions with UTF Beta-1 (Spying and related) he dont have (Appears to be) friends or comrades of work. Hacked FBI and Pentagon sites several times.

Character: White skin, grey hair, Tall, seen with Trench Coats and elegant suits (Waistcoats,Suits,Shades,Tie) serious actitude. Some times went crazy and starts to joke with everyone: Walked into a D-class cells and killed 4 D-class with a Makarov. Knocked by 2 L-2 Agents (Unknow divisions).

Position: Researcher in a Lab of Siberia with 35 Doctors and Agents. currently making Class-D tests with [DATA EXPUNGED]

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