Dr.Timothy Xai

Character Name: Timothy Douglas Xai, M.D., Ph.D.

Aliases: Tim,Doug,'Dickwad'

Played By: Stupidcharacterlimit

Position: Clearance 3, Senior neurological researcher.

Description: Dr.Xai is a Laotian American male standing at 5'4 and weighing approximately 154 lbs. Dr.Xai also exhibits the physical trait of gauntness, not unlike his mother and father. The subject's hair color is an ashy shade of black, his eye color is also black. Subject is very fond of a formal suit and tie, and wears a lab coat ONLY when coaxed to. He often wears thick 3.25 strength reading glasses, Dr.Xai is not nearsighted.

Background: Dr.Xai was born in Oakland,California in the year 1982, and has thus proven himself to be a gifted member of the scientific community. However, there have been a variety of claims from friends, family, and colleagues. That Dr.Xai is not only difficult to work with, but can become aggressive, narcissistic, and sardonic. These allegations however, did not stop Dr.Xai graduating from Yale in 2002 with a professional doctorate in medicine and a Ph.D in neuroscience. He was approached by the foundation in ████. He has been under the employment of the Foundation since.

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