Dr. Thaddeus Xyank

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Dr. Thaddeus Xyank on assignment, 1960 CE

Name: Thaddeus "Thad" Xyank

Education: PhD, Extradimensional Topology; PhD, Tachyon Chromodynamics; BS, Linguistics; BS, Cultural Anthropology

Clearance Level:

Department / Position: Temporal Anomalies / Chairperson

Height: 1.8 m

Weight: 79 kg

Personal History: Originally temporally displaced [DATA EXPUNGED] officially released in 1991 when evidence was discovered of his involvement in Foundation operations as early as 1892 CE. All records of Dr. Xyank's prior involvement with SCP-110 have been sealed by order of O5-12.

Psychological Profile:

Dr. Xyank suffers from an obsessive compulsive disorder with regard to orderliness (if not cleanliness), mathematical 'perfection', and an elusive sense of longing for whatever it is he considers 'home'. In our interviews, he has been vague on this point, and due to the nature of his work, I cannot be assured that I am seeing a linear representation of his consciousness. It is difficult to determine if any progress is taking place at all. At times he appears comfortable with the 'sacrifices' he has made to repair the baseline causality, and at others, it is difficult to imagine that he has ever slept a night in his life.

Furthermore, Thaddeus is beset by an inferiority complex which, while not effecting his intellectual concern for human life, makes it difficult for him to form lasting relationships with his peers. His intelligence (and the presence of several computational implants which enhance it artificially) exacerbates this problem. Shortly put, he believes that most Foundation personnel are intellectually inferior, and that the Foundation as it currently operates is largely an obstacle to the expansion of human knowledge.

However, considering his circumstances, Dr. Xyank has demonstrated sufficient restraint and empathy to allay most of my concerns. It also remains clear that he has the best interests of humanity's present and future at heart. Whether this is a result of altruistic or selfish motives is irrelevant, as his goals remain compatible with those of the greater Foundation. It is my professional opinion that he is mentally stable, and fit to perform his duties. Recommend continued evaluations on a monthly basis, with the provision that he be ordered to come to our sessions sequentially henceforth.

-Dr. Glass, Psychology

Notable Achievements:

Served as HMCL Supervisor for SCP-176 from 1992-1997. (See Incident Report 176-92-01)

Founded the Temporal Anomalies department in August 1997 after demonstrating the veracity of the tachyon field model of causal relationships. (See Extranormal Event 281/084-97-01)

Invented the first stable, reproducible method of temporal displacement in December 1997. (See Experiment Log 281-97-9338)

Founded Research and Containment Task Force Δt (RCTF-Δt) in January 1998, citing need to contain and repair history affecting anomalies to preserve Foundation interests. (See Recovered Documents E-1780-D1 and D2)

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