Personnel File: Dr. Stephanie Richards

Name: Dr. Stephanie Richards

Aliases: Steph (friends), Dr. Richards.

Clearance Level: Security Level 3.

Position: Bio-researcher for SCP-137 and SCP-149.

Description: Petite, slim build. Has two different coloured eyes (heterochromia iridium), deep green right, blue-grey left. Long, straight black hair that she wears in a braid to keep it out of the way. Currently 26 years of age. Is very quiet and shy, but has some close friends.

Background: Had a rather normal childhood, and graduated from Princeton with a Master's degree. A shortage of personnel after SCP-(REDACTED) attacked led the SCP Foundation to search for potential researchers. She was brought in and accepted, and has been working with the foundation for 4 years now.

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