Dr Sparky Blu

This character is not dead, but will not be used by its owner. (since bright put him in a cage)

Character Name: Dr. Sparky Blu

Played by: AdrianoKing

Aliases: Sparkey, Dog, Puppet, Sandwich Maker

Position: Local psychiatrist from Site-06-3, coffee maker and janitor (when necessary).

Description: Dr. Sparky is a 30 year old man, Caucasian, 1.66 meters tall, black eyes, brown hair.

Background: Dr. Sparky was affected by SCP-783 which led to most of his body has being deformed to look like some kind of creepy clown, mostly his face. Dr. Sparky can also simultaneously levitate at least 2 objects.

Before being moved to Site-06, Dr. Sparky worked in Zone-SCP-097 where he started to have hallucinations of the Children's laughter. Even after leaving the site, Dr. Sparky was still hearing the laughter in his head when alone, which led to a serious mental damage, making him a more active and cooperative person to any other foundation personel, but almost never making something on his own and of his own.

We have already proven that SCP-097 is not the cause of any of the mental attacks on Dr.Sparky; what happens is a delayed effect of SCP-783 -Dr.██████████

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