Dr. Sophie Forrester

Name: Dr. Sophie Forrester
[Bio-Site 14] Assistant Research Director Forrester (formal), Dr. Forrester, Sophie (informal), Soph (close friends)

Played By: Blakbewwy

Security Clearance: Level-3

Position: Assistant research leader at Bio-Site 14, primarily conducts research on biological and chemical agents used in SCP object capture and containment. Sets projects and deadlines, and exports researched data to central sites for processing and storage.

Qualifications: Master's degree in Chemistry, PhD (thesis with biotechnology focus).

Thorough experience with biological laboratory work (undergraduate summer bio-lab internships, graduate school TA experience for lower-division chemistry lab courses).

Physical Description:
- 26yo Caucasian female. 5"7, fairly tall/slim build. Pale brunette hair, grey-green eyes. Humble facial features, commonly referred to as cute. In research environments, hair is worn in a bun. She otherwise wears it straight or as a single braid.

Background: Dr. Forrester was born in [REDACTED], in 1988. At the time, her mother worked as a biology-specialist researcher for the Foundation. Her childhood had no irregularities, though she never had a romantic relationship until the age of 22. She studied at the University of Cambridge.

A new site establishment in 201█ meant new personnel were required to staff the facility. Forrester was picked as one of over four thousand potential candidates (with eighty to be eventually accepted) to be introduced to Foundation regimes and help establish the site along with existing Foundation employees. After Forrester demonstrated ideal qualifications for the role, the Foundation employed her immediately after she received her PhD.

It is now known that her mother had passed away a month prior to her employment from natural causes, and her father had been employed into a separate part of the Foundation under a new alias.

Role Description: Dr. Forrester specialises in researching SCP objects to identify ideal biological conditions for capture, containment, or storage. As assistant research director of Bio-Site 14, she assists with managing large quantities of research data to forward to larger sites for analysis. She regularly visits other sites to help improve the efficiency of management and containment, or to review potential candidates for employee transfer to Bio-Site 14.

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