Dr. Skepsi

Name: Skepsi.

Aliases: Ske, Ski.

Played By: BioScienceSCP.

Position: Senior Researcher, one of the many researchers in the Anomalous Item Research Team. Head of the self-made research group "Hands-On".

Description: Tall black hair, brown eyes, almost always wearing a lab coat with blue framed glasses. His body is lean but slightly muscular with brown skin. His exact measurements are impossible to measure from what is assumed to be dumb luck from random events or technical failure. His age is unknown but is presumed to be from 35-40. His demeanor is usually cheerful or dreadfully serious in even the most trivial of events. He doesn't have a set emotion as it seems to be all over the place based on what he wants at the time.

Background: Skepsi was found during a civilian sweep in a search for more researchers. He was walking along a desert without a set goal or any emotion at all. He was found without any beverage or food at all and with pure mechanical failure as he wasn't on set radar for the sweep. Originally he was supposed to be left alone however, Senior Researcher █████ ██████████ insisted on helping the man. Despite being told to leave him alone █████ used a recruitment vehicle to pick up Skepsi. Coincidentally a SCP was on the vehicle, before exiting the area the vehicle shut down. Skepsi using advanced observatory skills used the SCP as if he dealt with it thousands of times before and returned to the facility using it's return function.

Upon arrival █████ was relieved of his position and was demoted to a level-2 clearance. Skepsi was dismissed after given amnesiastics and was under surveillance to see if the operation of the SCP was just dumb luck. However, over the course of 2 weeks it showed he had a PhD in Technology and was extremely well at tasks that required prior information with little trouble.

He was recruited during the third week of surveillance as a level-1 researcher since then he has gained level-3 clearance and access to many of the Facilities Resources.

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