Dr. Michael Seraph

Name: Michael Seraph

Aliases: Mikey, Crackpot

Played By: Darth_Bilbo

Position: Researcher

Security Clearance: Level 3

Description 34 Years old, 6'5", close cut black hair, wears lab coats when on duty and Plaid Buddhist monk robs when not, and a green fez at all times.Known among colleagues to collect religious and pseudo-Religious non anomalous artifacts. The only ones he keeps with him are a glass eye on a golden chain, a bear claw on a leather strap, a glowing cystal spiral on a yarn loop, and a spiky black ball on a string of human hair.

Background: Both Parents killed by the CI, he was exposed to the foundation from a young age. amnestics were administered, but he still retained trace memories of the foundation. at twenty, he was studying buddhist meditation to try to unlock his memories, when he again ran into the foundation. an agent in the field had passed him, and he recognized the agent from the day his parents were killed. memories came back, and he assissted the agent in locating a breached safe-class scp, afterwhich, he was admitted to the foundation as a researcher.

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