Dr. Rutherford

Name: Dr.Rutherford

Age: ██

DoB: August 21st ████

Position: Object classification offices, lead researcher, currently located on site-██.

Clearance: level 2, Class-B

Description: Not a strong man in any sense of the word, quite thin and lacking in the muscle mass department. He is known to be an absent minded coward and a pacifist at heart, although he can behave in a very different manner dependent on the situation.
He keeps to himself most of the the time , preferring to work alone in his dimly lit office where he, an introvert by nature.
He has short straight hair (hair color varies between rp's) and blue-grey eyes.

Background: Born in Canada but raised in ███████, though it is known he studied at [REDACTED], the entirety of his third level studies are unclear, but are presumed to be Physics or Chemistry, and Law. He became employed by the foundation through a front company and worked his way to his current position.
Played by: thezoombiethezoombie

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