Dr Ross Byte

Character Name: Dr. Ross T Byte

Aliases: Frostbite (Only by close friends), Dr. R

Played By: Deffdredd1703

Occupation: On-site herpetologist

Description: 38 years old, Medium-height, mildly dirty-minded, Green eyes, Short blond hair, Non-alcoholic

Background: Ross was born and raised in Kent, Britain by his mother and step-father and attended the Sutton-Valence boarding school. He easily got an A or B in most subjects, but he managed to achieve an A* on his subject of focus, animal biology. After spending a few months looking for a local college to study he eventually moved to the USA to study animals. He later focused on reptilian biology, getting an Honors Degree in the subject at the age of 26 along with an invitation for an apprenticeship in the reptile area of a local zoo. He worked in the zoo for a short time but felt he needed more time in college.

After being denied by three colleges, he was finally accepted into the University of Stanford to study herpetology, leaving after six hard years of work and study with a PhD. Ross started his own scientific research into the reptile order Squamata after receiving funds from an anonymous source that turned out to be the Foundation, who had discovered his skill and decided to investigate. Within just five months, he had discovered three new species of reptile, an infectious virus that spread among certain turtles and was half way to finding a cure for the same virus.

The Foundation finally decided to make their move, sending someone working in a similar field from the Foundation to work with him. After only three weeks of observation, the researcher approved and the Foundation sent Ross a letter to meet at a local cafe. He went along and met one of the recruiters, who took him to Site 19 where he has worked on reptilian and amphibious SCPs ever since, including a quick experiment with SCP 682 which ended in a breach and SCP 1132, from whom he was bitten and had a near-death experience which he doesn't like to talk about.

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