Dr. Ross

Character Name: Doctor Carter Ross

Aliases: Doctor Carter Ross, Ross, Carter, Doctor Carter, Doctor Ross

Played By: ThunderCX

Position: Level 3 Security Level Position, Granted Partial Elective in voting

Description: Dr. Ross is a Caucasian male, about 5'10" in height, and fairly skinny. He has black hair, brown eyes, and lengthy legs compared to his torso area.

Carter specializes in studying Behavioral Patterns in most SCPs at the Foundation. 12 Official pages in the SCP Collection have been altered due to the new information Dr. Ross has discovered. Carter has seemed to be able to exactly know when a patient is: "Lying, Telling the Truth, Confused, Etcetera….".

Once joining the Foundation, Ross immediately began testing with SCPs to see how they behave. Within the first week, Ross had made over 20 observations in different Humanoid SCPs.

When questioned about how he was so knowledgeable of Behavioral Patterns, he replied with "Being a psychiatrist for almost 5 years, I haven't found it hard to find out how people or people-like SCPs 'act' normally.". Regarding prior tests, it seems that Dr. Ross was effective at his work

Background: After Foundation executives had looked in on old records, they had found the Doctor Ross had the potential to operate in the Foundation. So after questioning, it had been elected that Dr. Ross was eligible to join the SCP Foundation.

Before joining the Foundation, Dr. Ross had been a psychiatrist for medical patients in hospitals who were undergoing major surgeries and such. To date, Dr. Ross makes a good behavior analyst for both: Humanoid SCPs and people.

When it comes to working with fellow researchers, Dr. Ross seems to enjoy the company of others. He also seems to become competitive at completing work against others, usually placing a bet on such work. Outside of work, Dr. Ross is not very involved in any physical sports; but likes to play board games such as chess.

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