Dr. Robinson Elliot

Character Name: Dr. Robinson Elliot

Aliases: Doctor, Medic, Elli

Played By: UltimateBro122

Position: Medical Doctor and Researcher, Xenobiology expert, Biologist (Level 3 access level)

Description: Dr. Robinson Elliot is 32 years old, has short hair, a not very shaved beard, he is short, and he wearing his labcoat most of the time.

Background: Dr. Robinson Elliot is new to the SCP Foundation, he worked at the site for 8 months, but he isn't new to biology and medicine, he is an expert surgeon and doctor, He studied biology and medicine for 23 years, he helped many innocent people, and he is ready all the time, before joning the SCP Research Team, he studied Xenobiology one year, and earned is access level.

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