Dr. Richard Spihdor

Dr. Richard Spihdor

Aliases: Rick, Spider(to close friends)

Position: Researcher of Entomology, Mechanical Engineer for autonomous research drones.

Areas of operation: Site 19, Site 66, Site 104

Played by: totallynotspiders

Description: Tall with a rather thick build, green eyes that seem to be a slightly different shade every time you see them, blonde hair, wears a pair of thick circular glasses, often in a lab coat.

Background: Dr. Spihdor hasn't been around for very long, he won't tell anyone where he came from, and he already has a very strange reputation. Recruited for his knowledge in the field of entomology, particularly Arachnids, he was brought on to help research the more creepy crawly scips. There are rumors floating around that he himself is a scip. A colony of sentient spiders that inhabit a mans skin. These accusations are entirely false. His office has become something many people avoid, particularly because of his habit of losing track of specimens. Long story short, his office is one giant spider nest. He has a pet tarantula named Lucy. Frequently transferred due to complaints from other staff, mostly revolving around the increased spider population that seems to follow Spihdor to whatever site he's currently at.

Hobbies: engineering (he's currently working on an insect robot drone that can be used to help monitor high risk specimens.) ping pong, karaoke (he's actually not bad)

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