Dr. Richard Newark

Name: Dr. Richard Newark

Build: Average

Intelligence Quotient: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Weight: 197 lb

Height: 6' 1"

Job: Scientist

Clearance - Level-4

Age: 30

Background history: Richard at the beginning was intelligent person. Perceiving sights, and real-life stories and comprehend them as an adult. (LEVEL-2 CLEARANCE ACCEPTED), He attended Harvard University in 19██, at the age of ██. He began to [DATA EXPUNGED] at the age of ██. [O5 CLEARANCE REQUIRED].

SCP history: He began working at the SCP foundation at the age of ██, O5 commands realized they had a intellectual human being and that Intelligence Quotient Test (IQT) was to be given in order of O5-██. He seemed to get a IQ of ███. Which was one of the highest IQ's in the entire facility, excluding ████████. After the test was instated, they decided to give him a job of Scientist and allowed to test on SCP-███ for how to stop the █████ from seeping from the [REDACTED]. In 20██, Richie seemed to began testing on SCP-███, but Subject D-82██ or SCP-███-2, escaped from containment, as SCP-███ was controlling his brain and movement, he began to wonder through the facility and led to Subject D-82██ being terminated.

Addendum-SCP-███-1: SCP-███ seems to know how its beings act or feel and how control of memories. We must figure out how a mask can override a host's brainwave. - Dr. Rich

Incident Reports: [DATA EXPUNGED] Refer to Incident Report B-1-██-██-SCP-███

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