Dr. Richard E. Helmsworth

Character: Dr. Richard E. Helmsworth

Played by: SirEpicCLXVIII

Age: 31 [5 years Foundation employment]

Affiliation: Foundation

Clearance level: Level-3

Qualifications: PhD in Psychology from MIT

Physical Description: A tall Caucasian man, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. Has a serious look about him. Seems to be slightly above the average build. Wears a standard Foundation lab coat over a plain black T-shirt.

Background: After Dr. Richard's work in psychology (analysis of the human brain) proved to be rather impressive, the Foundation approached him with an offer of employment. Richard was intrigued and decided to accept, beginning his work as a researcher.

Prior to his employment, Richard's high grades and extracurricular activities got him into MIT, where he graduated with a Bachelors and later received a PhD in Psychology. He had planned to become a professional psychologist.

Richard has no close family members nor other acquaintances. His mother is reported to have died from leukemia when he was 8, and due to lack of documentation, his father is unknown.

Role: Dr. Richard specializes in humanoid SCP object research, specifically analyzing behavioral and motivational aspects. He is usually moved around Sites as is needed, and is not usually assigned to a single Site for a long period of time.

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