Dr. Carson Dickey

Name: Carson Rhoades Dickey

Background occupations: Historian

Department/position: Researcher of myth related scp

Description: Height: 167.64cm Mass: 67kg Age: 28 physical features: grey eyes, brown hair, usually wears a everyday outfit with black fedora

Background: Born in ██████ Rhoades was a historian of mythology and part time gamer who was not very sociable. during incident [DATA REDACTED] Rhoades was approached for questioning on what happened. After a severe amount of irrelevant information about what happened before the SCP came or his own knowledge and multiple lectures of mythology the SCP location was revealed and so were [DATA REDACTED] that aided in the SCP's escape. Rhoades was distributed Class-B
Amnesiac. Rhoades was targeted and captured by [DATA REDACTED] sometime after the incident. During a raid in one of ██████ located in ██████ Rhoades was rescued and enlisted to the foundation ranks

Personality: quite serious about everything but will get carried away when a myth or cryptid is involved. He is actually quite playful or emotional when playing on online games the removal of these games is currently in discussion for possible security breach

Involvement: Currently is being assigned to scp-054

Trait: ADHD, photographic memory, stubborn

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