Dr. Quentin Yukasuke

Character Name: Quentin Yukasuke.

Aliases: Q, Dr. Yuki, Techboy.

Played by: BioScienceSCP.

Position: Level-2 researcher studying mainly tech-based SCPs.

Age: 40.

Description: African/Asian American of average build and height. Has black eyes and is usually seen with a messy hairstyle.

Personality: Reliable and hardworking. Quentin is easily frightened but has developed tolerance after years of working with the Foundation; however, he still shows anxiety when dealing with newly discovered SCPs or anomalous events. Has a scattered sense of humor and should not be taken seriously unless talking about the Foundation or a dangerous situation.

Background: Quentin originally worked for the Microsoft corporation. Quentin's other information shows he had a DSc in robotics and attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Quentin was initially recruited by the Foundation in 2004 as a Level-1 researcher.

Ability: Quentin has advanced skills in robotics and understands basic circuitry very well. Quentin does not show much defensive or athletic ability. Quentin has demonstrated that he can understand things faster than most people.

2006 Quentin was asked many times about the weirdness of his name. Becoming frustrated he said that his last name is from his step-father and his first name was due to his mother's liking Quentin Blake.

2010 Given Level-2 clearance, after demonstrating understanding of SCP-███(or as much understanding as one can get.)

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