Dr. Perseus Polonski

Name: Perseus Polonski (referred to in public as "Dr. Polonski" or "Dr. Percy" or just "Percy")

Job Description:Safe/Euclid SCP researcher

Played By: Dr PolonskiDr Polonski

Appearance: Percy has straight black hair, which he prefers long. Percy likes to wear black coats, having nothing else on them besides a single skull located anywhere on his coat. He also prefers that the coat have a hood, as he doesn't like his face, and assumes no-one else will either. Percy has a small skull tattooed on his forearm. Ever since he got his weapons license, he always carried an 11" Bowie Knife with a leather handle, in a sheathe on his belt, normally under his coat.

History: Born to Thadeous and Rebecca Polonski, Percy grew up in the small town of Ludickson, Illinois. While in schooling, Percy was never part of the common crowd. The other kids would make fun of for his odd interest in things that are all around eerie and dark in general. He was rarely seen without a skull or something of the sort on his clothing. Even today, super-natural things are a part of Percy's personality.

Halloween being his favorite holiday, he was nick-named "King of Candy" in elementary school. Eventually, the name diminished to only "King." When he reached high school, his main interest was still super-natural things. Because if this, when he was asked what he wanted his occupation to be, he was unsure. This troubled him greatly.

Later in life, when he was a senior in high-school, he was still looking for a job. He began searching the internet, posting on different forums about what he was looking for in a job. When he read the paper and patrolled the city and explored every part of his small town for a job, and explored every end of media for a job that met his job interests, he thought all hope was lost.

Percy gave up looking for a job. He took out a large sum of student loans, and decided to move on to college. He attended Preston, and received a masters degree in theoretical physics. He then returned to school and received his doctrines degree in theoretical physics. He returned to his job applications and updated them with all of his recent achievements, doubting it would even help at all.

One day, he was sitting in secluded area of the city park, (as per usual with Percy) he was confronted by a man with the CIA approached him. He quickly talked Percy into following him for "questions on a recent crime." Percy had never heard of the crime he spoke of, be felt compelled to follow him anyways.

After following the strange man to an extremely secluded area, the man revealed that there was no crime, and that he had recently stumbled upon Percy's job requests on the internet. He said that he was looking for someone in Percy's area of expertise. He told him that he had the perfect job for him. Percy gladly accepted.

Personality: Percy is what many consider goth or emo. He enjoys the color black, and he likes skulls and other types of bones rather than things such as internet memes or other types of things on his shirts. His favorite type of music is metal. Percy doesn't like the crowd, and the crowd doesn't like him.

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