Dr. Oved Schuler

Character Name: Dr. Oved Schuler

Aliases: Rabbi Schuler, Oved, The Grimoire Guy

Played By: Oved Schuler

Position: Level-2 Clearance Researcher, Specializing in Modern and Ancient Theologies

Description: Dr. Shuler appears to be around his late thirties or early forties, possessesing both average height and size for an individual whose active youthful years have now somewhat gone to fat, though he could hardly be called obese. His black hair is normally kept shortly cropped and though his somewhat heavy and somewhat wrinkled brows give way to more of a six-head than a forehead, it appears less male pattern baldness and more just awkward bone structure. His nose is hawkish and thin and his cheekbones rather high, though hard to see due to his rounded face. His grey eyes have a look about them of perpetual sorrow or perhaps mild confusion despite his actual mood, something he attributes to his upturned brow. He generally wears slacks and a buttoned dress shirt along with his lab coat, and though he once often wore bowties, nearly being strangled once by a class-D has him prefering clip-ons or nothing at all. Experience has also taught him that when all else fails, steel-toed dockers can make all the difference. Generally speaking he tends to take himself to serious and is usually the last to get a joke, but has been known to warm up to those whom he works closely with.

Background: Oved Shuler is a PhD graduate in Theology of the Heidelberg University, first noticed by the Foundation by the publication of his thesis, “The Quandaries of Proto-Indo-European Religious Origins and the Material Culture of the Times.” The document showed marked knowledge of prehistoric data relating to several related Euclid-Class SCPs. He was brought in for questioning regarding the matter which, after thorough cross-examination and evaluation, seemed to have come to him in a dream. After displaying mild resistance to cogitohazard images and a strong display of enthusiasm for the goals of the Foundation, Dr. Shuler was given probationary research rights. After some years of positive advancements in religious (including Broken God) related SCPs, he was allowed on as a permanent researcher.

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