Dr. Omid Thomas

Character Name: Dr. Omid Thomas
Aliases: Omid, "Thommy"
Played By: Victor Backhaus
Position: Level-2 Spectrum-Containing Researcher and Ancient History Specialist
Description: Short, slim man, shaved black hair. A kind guy that always sees the best of every situation, almost never get upset or sad. He has doctorate in Anthropology, though he loved history and worked as an archeologist.
Background: His wife was victim of a lung cancer while pregnancy. Omid lost his wife and soon-to-be born daughter. It scarred him, but made him an optimistic person, he is hardly pestered. He only gets angry when his family is mentioned. After the death of his family, he focused on his job, that was archeologist. One day, he uncovers an artifact, he finds SCP-733-01 near a mansion, inside a shed. The artifact emitted a strange aura, Omid felt the inclination to keep it, being manipulated by the artifact. One day later, while studying it, two armed man and one old man, white receading hair and beard bust inside his house. After some time of conversation, Omid hands the artifact and follows them back to the Foundation.

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