Agent Oliver Stone

Character name: Agent Oliver "Price" Stone

Aliases: Price, Olly, Rock

Played by: James Villar aka Onedude93

Position: Class 4 Acting Security Director at Site-19


Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Skin tone: Tanned Caucasian
Height: 1.86 meters
Weight: 81.65 kilograms.
Age: 34

Background: Oliver "Price" Stone grew up in [DATA EXPUNGED], USA. He grew up with his father, a theater technician, and his mother, a zoologist working at a nearby museum. Oliver lived a relatively happy life and grew under much care and love. The Foundation took notice of him when during a containment breach of SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED] arrived at his house and mutilated his mother and father. As Response Team Operatives arrived at the scene, SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED] had been contained by Oliver single-handedly. A Level 4 Psychiatric evaluation was administered and Oliver was cleared for training. During his time in training, Agent Oliver proved to have the strength, skills, and mental prowess to handle field operations on a regular basis. Having performed above and beyond the call of duty during containment breaches and field operations, Oliver was promoted rapidly and gained access to information as he saw fit. He was eventually promoted to Security Director at Site-19 where he continues to work and research furiously.

Agent Oliver Stone spends most of his time reading through any and all SCP files he has access to. Under his leadership, Site-19 has seen a reduction of 27% in personnel casualties and a 11% reduction in personnel fatalities. He has a cold demeanor while he is reading, during security meetings, and generally while he is on active watch. In his off time, while he has his second-in-command in charge, he has a very relaxed feel about him and is very easy to warm up to. He can often be found inviting other off-duty personnel to play cards and eat with him in the cafeteria. He is quite open-minded and is quick to try to please others. Although he places more importance in the life and security of others, Oliver does know he cannot endanger himself and must live in order to make sure as many personnel make it out in the case of a security breach or other endangering circumstances.

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