Dr. Noble

Character Name: Dr. Noble
Aliases: Noble
Played By: Dr Noble
Position: Level 4, Research supervisor, specializing in the determinance of newly aqquired SCPs abilities.
Description: 6'2 and 130 pounds, Doctor Noble is quite a light weight, and, while not quite out of shape, not quite in shape either, his hair is brown and falls to just above his shoulders, his eyes are a similar shade of brown, of interest is his Psionic, or Psychic capability, acquired as a result of direct contact with [REDACTED] this capability primarily manifests as telepathy. Doctor Noble has been noted as, taking exception to its being referred to as a psychic ability, and will go to great lengths to ensure that others understand the difference between the two. Dr Noble is currently not under containment due to continued usefulness to the foundation
Background: Graduated from college with a doctorate in 2 seperate subjects, and a masters in Psychology, currently aged 29 years old.

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