Name: What exactly do you think?

Security clearance level: 80 bajillion 2

Played by: DrNarazDrNaraz

Position: Researcher of poorly understood phenomena

Physical Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Due to Dr.Nizam's extreme ugliness, no description is to be given.-O5-█

Dr.Nizam was hired in Lahore after assisting in the recovery of SCP-████. The entity was running through the sewers, and MTF-Zeta 9 (Mole Rats) were tracking it down. Nizam squatted over the sewer grate to excrete straight into it, and the turd excrement fell straight onto SCP-████, allowing Zeta-9 to catch up with it. Due to his resourceful thinking, he was hired by the Foundation. He then assisted in the apprehension of SCP-███ by immobilizing it with a machine gun he made from a V8 engine and a toaster. He was then promoted to level 2, and currently studies strange technology.

Jesus Christ, Nizam, stop editing your own personell file! -Site Director ███████

Addendum 1: Dr.Nizam is dead because he exploded after trying to single-handedly contain SCP-871 he will me missed and the period key on my keyboard is broken and he totally did not change his last name to Naraz

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