Dr. Nikolai Solvenski

Name: Dr. Nikolai Solvenski

Age: 42

Sex: Male

Aliases: Nikolai, Solven, Ski, Nikki

Played By: Dr Solvenski

Position: Site Director of Site 28

Clearance Level: 4

Location: Site 28; inside Mt. Vesuvius

Description: Tall, pale, brown hair and eyes, rugged beard. Often seen carrying a bottle of Absolut Vodka. Wears the usual lab coat.

Background: He was born in the middle of the Vietnam War. His mother died shortly after he was born, and his father was the Site Director of Site 65. He if often drunk because he has to deal with his insane partners, the German Dr. Stenger and the Italian Dr. Monastero. Monastero is the onsite medical doctor, but fortunately he's never had to use his medical experience. Stenger is an insane German who has a tendency to release any mobile SCPs for his own amusement. However, Stenger is the smartest worker in the entire Site, so no one can get rid of him. Nikolai is very talented at weaponry; he once hit the middle of a target from a mile away. With a flintlock. Improbable aiming aside, he constantly berates his partners because of their lax approaches to science. Not that they care, or anything. Stenger is still insane and Monastero is has still never used his medical experience.

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