Dr. Nikolai Montenegro

Name: Nikolai Montenegro

Affiliation: SCP Foundation

Security Clearance: Level-2

Position: Researcher

Current Location: Site-19

Played By: Doctor MontenegroDoctor Montenegro

Qualifications: PhD in Biology, two years as a low-level researcher at a startup pharmaceuticals company, four years as a researcher at a prolific genetics company and a go-getting, can-do attitude

Description: A tall 38-year-old male of mixed Canadian and Bosnian descent, with dirty-blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. He is of average build and usually wears a collared shirt and slacks under his lab coat.

Background: Montenegro was born in Victoria, British Columbia to Dr. ████████ █████ and ████████ ██████, who would fund most of his early ventures. Over the course of his education, he built up an interest in conspiracy theories, cryptozoology and the occult, much to the dismay of his parents. After completing his doctorate in Biology at 25 and holding down a low-level research job at a pharmaceuticals company for a couple years, he got his parents to pay for a trip to the Himalayas under the premise of wanting to climb Mount Everest. In reality, he wanted to find Bigfoot, and surprisingly (to him, at least), he failed. If anything, his failure drove him to try harder, and he left Nepal with an even bigger thirst for delving into the unknown.

Niko went back to Victoria, where his mother, thanks to her prior experience there and Niko's previous time as a researcher, was able to hook him up with a fairly well-paying job at ██████ Genetics. At 31, Niko left Canada again—for good this time. He traveled the world with a list of folk legends and ghost stories, determined to prove the existence of every single one, from aliens to the Jersey Devil. Along the way, he self-published several memoirs of his 'adventures', the combined volumes of which sold about ten copies. As a result, he was heavily in debt two years later, and turned to gambling to dig himself out when his parents quite sensibly refused to help. Much to his surprise, this didn't work as well as it did in the movies.

The Foundation is not perfect. Every once in a while, something slips through the cracks. After reading a few blog entries about rumors of reports of deleted posts on an obscure Korean image board about "another London", Niko found himself spending his last few euros on an illegal expedition to SCP-1678 with a few other thrill-seekers. Of course, they were only in SCP-1678 for about ten minutes before being picked up by Foundation personnel. After learning about his previous work and his expressed interest in deciphering the unknown, the Foundation agents made him an offer: employment or amnestics. Niko decided that if he was going to research anomalies for the rest of his life, he may as well do it professionally, and maybe even pay off some of his student loans. He barely passed the background checks.

Niko told his parents that he had been hired by an even bigger overseas genetics company, and began his Foundation career as an Assistant Researcher at 33. At first, his work was pretty much the same, but as time went on and he proved himself to be the absolute best at poking anomalous bacteria, he was gradually granted access to some bigger (literally and metaphorically) projects.

At 35, he was promoted to full-time Researcher after several breakthroughs with SCP-124 (most notably, its ability to "grow" non-plant-based organisms). Since then, he's been working under Senior Researcher ████████ as part of a small team dedicated to finding the origin of, and a possible cure for, SCP-008.

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