Dr. Michael Hemmings

Character Name: Michael Ashen Hemmings

Aliases: Michael, Mike, Dr. Hemmings

Played By: Dallas P. Norman

Age: 34

Position: Level 2 Junior Psychology Researcher at Site 17, Psychology Department

Description: Slightly shorter then average height, pale skinned, short brown hair that curls at the end, dark blue eyes. In the workplace is seen in his standard white lab coat with a silver pocket watch by his side. Outside of work is often seen in cargo pants and a light jacket. He is a quiet but friendly person that is often either thinking to himself or getting into theoretical discussions of life and the human mind.

Hobbies: Reading novels, tinkering with clockwork, interpreting music and art, and attending plays

Background: Michael is a former PhD-certified cognitive psychology professor, specializing in learning behavior. A quiet but highly caring and passionate individual, he would cross-review and argue the pros and cons of experiments and their ethical value.

Michael's close supervision and reviews of experimental procedures came to Foundation attention, and after running a background check, the Foundation found no criminal record and purchases of mostly books on history, ethics, or medical journals. Foundation recruiters decided to survey him for 4 weeks to evaluate his performance.

He was eventually offered a job by a Foundation representative and now works with other Foundation psychologists, mostly reviewing psychology experiment logs and assisting his colleagues with setting up experiments.

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