Name: Fluff Mewontsne

Aliases: Cat, Cat Man, Furball, Dr.Stripes, SCP-XXXX.

description1: Appears to be a male striped cat with blue eyes.

description2: Appears to be a teenage male with green eyes and orange hair. Near-sighted and has what appears to be feline ears and a tail DNA testing shows he/she/it is a male cat.

Background: Unknown. testing shows he/she/it is from eastern Asia It was found to be from south America.

Other: He/she/it can go back and forth through forms at any time. It is a Ecluid class SCP as if not given regular human needs and is treated as a cat in anyway it will rapidly relocate itself in the current building it is in until it finds a suitable place to rest it. If it request anything get permission from a level 3 or higher foundation personnel before giving it's needs. (Also if it asks to wander around the facility it must be escorted by a level 5 or higher personnel. Subject can not be damaged or cause an event mentally (See list below.

test event
SCP-096 Subject was told to look at SCP-096's face. When command was operated 096 did not react.
SCP-682 Subject was told to touch 682. 682 slashed at Mewontsne severe injuries appeared to be minor by luck
SCP-173 Subject was told to enter and look at 173 Once doors opened 173 breached even when in direct eyesight of subject it was able to move
SCP-012 Subject was told to look at the sheet. Subject said it was a blank paper
SCP-513 Subject was told to ring 513. Did not report 513-1 and none of the regular signs showed

"It appears that he can only be hurt physically"

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