Dr Matthew Smith

Name: Matthew Smith

Aliases: Matt, Dr. Smith

Age: 38

Played by: Raymond Fischer

Position: Level 2 researcher at Site-28

Description: tall, skinny, white, blond hair, green eyes, usually wears a lab coat or a sweater with jeans.

Background: Matthew Smith joined the Foundation 9 years ago as a containment cell designer, but has been active as a researcher for 5 years. He is always interested in the opinions of senior researchers and respects them, as he one day hopes to be a senior researcher himself.

He has a PhD in both engineering and technology. The Foundation hired him as a containment cell designer after he contributed to the design of the Site-28 facility. Before this, he had 6 years of industry experience as an engineer.

He is respected for his work as a researcher, but most junior employees don't even know about his history as a containment cell designer and they're often surprised by what he actually knows about the requirements of an SCP object's containment cell.

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