Dr. Mark Kiryu

Character Name: Dr. Mark Kiryu

Security Clearance: Level 3

Position: Senior Researcher

Current Location: Site-19

Played By: Zyn

Description: Tall and skinny. Short dark hair (well-kept, but it hangs around his ears), dark eyes, in late twenties. Usually wears a lab coat and turtleneck, and jeans whenever he can get away with it. Is partial to cable sweaters and has five pairs of reading glasses (two for the office, one for the labs, one for the car, and one that sort of hangs around and appears at odd intervals when he needs it).

Background: Laid-back and easygoing, Mark joined the Foundation after having being selected (due to high EQ test scores and his work as a therapist) as a primary caretaker of SCP-1457. He's since worked with the Mourning Cloak for half of his Foundation career and is responsible for nearly all of the Foundation's records involving it. (He's also changed significantly since interacting with it, but he doesn't let it show and doesn't let his sister near the butterfly.)

He has substantial background in psychology (Bachelors, PhD), specifically directed towards therapy and counseling. This does not stop him from dressing up as a ninja or knight or pterodactyl and "surprising" his sister on birthdays or holidays. His general demeanor is cheerful and he's always up for talking to others.

Mark also is often called on to investigate anomalous items that come into Foundation possession, running preliminary experiments with the help of his trusty assistant Riven. Mark was given his own set of experimental rooms, Kiryu Labs, after working with the Foundation for a few years.

Occasionally Mark is contracted for off-base excursions as part of his anomalous items processing duties. When this happens, he usually calls upon a certain agent for Foundation gear distribution and briefing of Kiryu Labs associates.

Roleplay appearances:
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