Joshua Pierce


Code Name: Joshua Pierce

Age: 58

Played by: Maieare

Position: SCP containment archaeologists

Security clearance: Level-4 clearance Level-3 clearance

Description: Joshua hasn't been seen in sixteen (16) years and has only been heard through a small two-way speaker of his on invention. He is a very sensitive person and won't talk about anything personnel.

Education: Masters in Architecture , science and zoology

Background: Joshua joined The Foundation at the age of 32 to help create the containment for many SCPs. Six(6) years later during his seven(7) years of work party he left for the bathroom and never came back. six(6) months later the search party gave up and gave his non work related items to his family members. One year after these events a his brother ██████ pierce reported that he heard his older brother on the radio he received after his brothers disappearance. When it turned out that he was speaking to others through a small radio the foundation began testing the radio it had no anomalous properties. shortly the radio was placed in a small cubicle so he can continue his research by speaking to other researchers in his field and others in the Foundation.

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