Dr. Mack Louis Moore

Character Name: Dr. Mack Louis Moore

Aliases: Macklemore, Mack, Dr. Moore, Homeboy Louis

Played By: IamYurHuzbandIamYurHuzband

Occupation: Level-3 Amnestics Officer at Site-19.

Description: Mack Moore is 5'8'' and weighs 201 pounds. He has blonde hair, a slight 5 o'clock shadow, and brown eyes.

Background: Born on June 12, 1986, Mack Louis Moore, or "Macklemore" as his coworkers call him, was born into a decent French-American family. He studied at the ████████ ████ █████ ████████ and graduated with flying colors. Moore showed a huge interest in the art of chemistry, and regularly met his chemistry teacher during study hall to learn how to make compounds such as baking soda and table salt.

By the time Moore graduated from high school he already knew how to make cubic zirconia, a crystal which was created by only the most talented chemists. His high grades and academic achievements earned him a spot in an esteemed university nearby.

Not long after his college graduation, the university offered him a job in their graduate program as inorganic chemical researcher. Moore quickly accepted, and was placed in the university's lab. He soon began research on inorganic minerals.

He worked alongside his co-workers and wrote articles about his research on websites, magazines and papers, including an interesting article on water synthesis. Motivated by how helpful his research would be for their self-sustaining sites, The Foundation sent a representative to meet with Dr. Moore. Given the job offer by the representative and a salary which well exceeded the amount the university payed him, Dr. Moore accepted the offer and went with the rep. Curious about the idea of working with such an institution, he eagerly accepted the position. To help him adjust to his new, somewhat isolated life, he adopted a toy poodle and named it

Aside from his love for chemistry, Dr. Moore has a strong passion for music and played the violin, saxophone, marimba, trumpet, cowbell, theramin and clarinet.

Dr. Moore is fluent in English and French.

Dr. Moore also possesses a large collection of comics and cards. He trades both with his co-workers and additionally participates in tournaments (i.e., took 2nd place in the Foundation Magic Tournament of 2010. Site-19's Site Director took 1st).

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