Dr. M. Talan

Character Name: Marico Talan

Alisases: Mary (Dear God I hate that name! Why the hell would you put that here?), Maurice (…I hate you), Marina (Okay, seriously, who the fuck is writing this?) Maric (Finally a name that isn’t half bad…you all wonder why I always black out my name)

Played By: MontalaMontala

Position: Level 3 Researcher, also involved in new-hire orientations and initial interviews

Description: Talan is of average height with a medium build, with eyes that subtly and slightly change color frequently, though center around a light shade of green or gray. Occasional heterochromia has been noted. Talan wears glasses for severe nearsightedness. Hair is cut short, though not military-style. Late 30s to early 40s in age. Absolutely loathes his given name “Marico,” preferring to black out all but the first letter of the name in official documentation. Multiple requests have been submitted to officially change the name both legally and in Foundation records. Authorization is pending. just so he’ll leave us the hell alone!

Talan is typically easygoing (at least until his name or a disliked nickname are used within earshot, in which case periods of violent and erratic behavior have been noted) and always willing to crack a joke. Known to laugh frequently, Talan has been seen as good for morale with new employees to the point that he is frequently involved with them and is often a go-to throughout the hiring process.

Background: Talan attended college at I██████ █████ ██████████ with the intent of attaining a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from 19██-19██ before withdrawing. His professors stated that, "while bright, Talan lacks the motivation and drive to attain a degree in any reasonable timeframe." Approximately four years later, Talan again attended college with the goal of attaining a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Unlike before, Talan was successful.

Within a year, Talan had risen to become a published and accepted author, with unique views on the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His methods were determined quickly to be more effective than current treatment methodology. It should be noted at this point that he had not attained any higher level of proficiency than a few credit hours towards a Masters degree in Psychology.

Following Recovery Incident-███-6-A, two Foundation personnel were deemed MIA following the mission. Six weeks later, they were found in the nearby hospital having just woken from a coma two weeks prior. They were found to be in the care of Talan being treated for PTSD. Due to the sensitive nature of Foundation work, they were unable to divulge the cause of their PTSD. Upon their recovery, authorization was given by Dr. Glass and the Agent's superior officer to break secrecy for the purpose of treatment with Talan. Following an almost full recovery in record time, Talan was administered amnestics as per Standard Operating Procedure.

Upon the acquisition of his Doctorate and further refinement of his techniques, Talan was approached by Foundation assets and offered an entry Level 1 position with the Foundation in 19██. Since then, he has worked his way to a Level 3 research position and attained no fewer than three additional degrees, a Bachelor in Science with a focus on the mammalian nervous system, a Bachelor in Mathematics, and an honorary degree in Table Tennis. Talan has been noted to have talent for quickly developing effective containment procedures using materials readily available if necessary.

Currently assigned to the Psychology department to be moved wherever he is needed. Also loosely assigned to the Human Resources in regards to new hires and interviews under team leader Thomas LaFerro. Evaluation pending as to a recommendation to a more stable assignment with Human Resources, should Talan opt to take the position.

Note: Despite his proficiency in Psychology, Talan seems unable to recognize the fixation he has with his name and the irrational anger he holds in regard to it for reasons unknown. Recommending light medication. -Dr. ██████, Psychology dept.

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