Dr M K Ambrose

Character Name: Morgan Kai Ambrose

Aliases: M.K., Morgan, Dr Ambrose

Played by: Duskstrider

Affiliation: Foundation

Position: Medical doctor (Level 2 security clearance)

Age: 35

Description: Male, Caucasian, approximately 178 cm tall, average build. Dark, shoulder-length, curly hair, usually tied back in a ponytail. Normally wears standard medical doctor's uniform (white coat, formal shirt and trousers, etc.), with one of a large variety of 'eccentric' ties. Has minor obsessive-compulsive disorder, primarily manifesting as extreme cleanliness and organisation. Reported to have an excellent bedside manner, primarily caused by a strong desire to save everyone he can. Carries a .45 sidearm in a shoulder-holster at almost all times, due to several rather traumatic events during the employ of the Foundation.

Background: Born and raised in a middle-class household in northern England, Ambrose was almost always ahead of his education, finishing high school at 15 and enrolling in Cambridge University at age 17. Leaving with qualification as a medical doctor, he married one of his former classmates shortly after. His wife died roughly a year later, at the time pregnant with their child, from severe blunt force trauma as a result of a road traffic collision. This is believed to sparked Ambrose's 'save everyone' attitude.

Ambrose was a civilian caught up in a SCP-682 containment breach, recruited by the Foundation during the breach's aftermath: he was found, practically unharmed, with 5 other civilians and 2 SCP personnel, all critically wounded, whom he had managed to stabilize. He was taken in by an MTF on site to be issued amnestics, but senior staff decided that the Foundation could make good use of his talents and so offered him a position.

Service Record: Dr Ambrose has had an excellent service record with the Foundation, receiving several commendations for exemplary medical service and valor during a containment breach. Received a site transfer after 2 years of service, which was requested after an unfortunate incident with an uncontained sample of SCP-447-2 in a morgue. He has expressed a curiosity regarding SCP-049, the site containing which he is currently stationed at, and has been granted tenuous permission to autopsy deceased SCP-049-2, at project head's discretion. He has since requested classification as a research assistant on SCP-049, which is still being considered.

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