Dr. Lucille Hale

Character Name: Lucille Hale

Aliases: Lucy [ Close Companions ] & Dr. Hale to everyone else.

Age & Gender: Somewhere around her late thirties ; Female

Played By: Woofwoofs

Qualifications: Doctorate in General Pathology [ Both Anatomical & Clinical; however, she focuses heavily on Anatomical ] ; Expertise in post-mortem diagnosing [ A.K.A Forensic Pathology ]

Position: Clearance Level 3 Senior Researcher and Pathologist located on Site-19 ; Typically assists in and performs post-mortem research on deceased Class D Subjects — or other subjects, depending — after testing. She is not expected to find cures for infections—her primary job is to diagnose what killed the Subject and gather any important data or samples related to the testing.

Personality: Dr. Hale is the epitome of charm, if you find being straight-forward and almost brutally honest charming. She prefers getting into things, rarely the type to sit around and let others do all the work. She has no problem with her job and the messiness that comes with it, that’s for sure. She is intuitive and has plenty of wit to spare, especially with that sharp tongue of hers. Unfortunately for most everyone, she is stubborn. Too stubborn, even. One will find that Dr. Hale rarely leaves questions unanswered, and would rather get to the bottom of things—although she knows when to express caution if it depends on her life being risked. She is practical, realistic, and, more importantly, confident in her skills—and, of course, she believes her skills to be near-perfect. [ Note: Please notice 'near-perfect'. Perfection does not exist. But I am close. - Dr. Hale ]

When it comes to her search, Dr. Hale rarely questions how the subject came to be on her table. While she has no problem with expressing irritation in being given a lump of flesh and bone [ although that is better than nothing ], she knows what is expected of her and performs her duty with the utmost care and precision. Because of this, she has come across many a strange after-effects, including [ but not limited to ]: Large parasites practically leaping at her, the strange incident regarding a subject of hers catching fire while dead on the table, various subjects melting and boiling in a number of ways, disorientating smells and sounds from seemingly out of nowhere, and the sensation of something tickling the back of her knees for a number of days.

Dr. Hale thrives in a working environment. She must keep her mind and hands occupied at all times, and so she has taken to carrying around cross-words in her bag, along with a plethora of science journals and other literature. Systems and patterns are her forte—besides pathology, that is. She dislikes hot places, and while her work zone is typically at a low temperature, some may say it’s too low. But she has always had a tendency to dress for colder weather—whether or not that’s because she’s attempting to hide something or just prefers sweaters overall is up to the person who is bold enough to question her motive behind it.

Her hobbies include completing puzzles and reading, although she finds poetry to be an absolute bore. Dr. Hale also finds socializing acceptable—to a degree. Chatting over some kind of hot beverage or lunch is the only sort of socializing she will do outside of working.

Going to social events, such as parties, is high on her list known only as "Things I would only do if I was in danger of being sacrificed to some other-worldly God."

Typical Outfit: Dr. Hale is most likely to be seen wearing comfortable, slim pants in beige or dark brown colors. This allows for quick movement and, in case of emergency, avoids embarrassment that would usually come with wearing a skirt. Simple, white button-up shirts are a plus, along with a vest or a sweater over it. She likes simple, leather shoes as well—but nothing overly expensive, as those are not quite comfortable enough for someone who has a tendency to stand all day. As most workers at the Foundation, Dr. Hale is equipped with a white lab coat, a couple extra sets of purple latex gloves in her deep pockets, a small flashlight, and a couple of empty vials carefully tucked into a leather pouch, which is hooked on to a belt.
Other Equipment Includes: A venus fly trap, small in size, is located on her desk. So far, it is relatively harmless. Do not disturb the plant, however, as Dr. Hale is likely to come at you with a sass attack. In her satchel, she carries:
- A crossword puzzle booklet, typically a new one every couple of weeks
- A book of some kind, always ranging in size
- A protein or energy bar when she has not had any actual meal that day
- A personal bottle of water
- A pocket knife, apparently for protection from "absolute lunatics"
- A small notepad or notebook, depending
- Her laptop and external hard drive
- [ On good days ] A container with a sandwich in it, preferably a cold egg salad sandwich with lettuce and avocado on it

Various oddities Dr. Hale is likely to do:
- Wring her hands when she is nervous
- Pace when she is pondering something
- Tap tap tap.

Physical Description: Dr. Hale can be described as a short woman with a youthful face. Her eyes are wide and, if you are feeling dramatic, gunmetal blue. She has mousy brown hair that is typically kept medium length that she keeps in a neat bun when she is working in the Autopsy room. During particularly hot months, she will cut it short; think pixie, but fluffier. Her skin is milky, but not quite 'vampire-issue' white. There are attempts to spend time outside, but that rarely occurs, given her job schedule [ which is always changing ]. According to her assistants, Dr. Hale has long, tapered fingers that were made for someone that plays the piano [ or perhaps works with corpses ]. She has a light dusting of freckles along her cheeks.

Background & Introduction to the SCP Foundation: Lucille Hale was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 12th. She was born to Chrissa Hale and Professor Marcus Hale. Her childhood was mostly unremarkable, given the fact that she spent most of her time focusing on all creatures besides fellow humans. She had a growing collection of insects, plant life, and fungus [ her mother drew the line at the last one]. After graduating high school, Lucille attended Northwestern University, where she did her primary studies at Feinburg School of Medicine. Her father, a Professor at Northwestern, saw to it that she completed her studies to the best and beyond, which had Lucille nearly breaking apart at the seams due to stress and the need to achieve greatness for her father. After a brief break, she finished her studies and moved on with her life, remaining in Chicago until she was recruited by the Foundation.

It is most likely that Dr. Hale's work [ and potential risk to her life ] during an outbreak of a mutated strain of Meningitis in Chicago led to her recruitment by the Foundation. It was clear that she was willing to put it all in risk to locate the information she needed. Not only that, but her dedication to the job and resistance to the overall squick of things made her a suitable candidate. She fell into work fairly quickly, after getting over the honest-to-god weirdness and moral ambiguity of it all.

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