Dr Lillian Shi

Name: Lillian Annetta Shi.
Alias: Dr. Shi
Gender: Female.
Race: Asian-American
Age: 47
B-Day: January 8, 1967
Blood-Type: B+
Place of Birth: Austin, Texas
Occupation: On-Site doctor.
Schooling:Austin State University, Dell Medical School, Oxford School of Medicine.


Height: 5'4
Hair: Brown, worn at shoulder length.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Notifying marks: Single freckle on her right cheek, birthmark the size of a quarter on her upper right arm.
General Appearance: Athletic build, always wearing a doctors coat with either black or white scrubs underneath. She has been seen wearing festive holiday scrubs in the relative week during said holiday.
She has never been seen with an actual smile, only her confident smirk, an irritated/pissed look, or a simple uninterested expression.
Strengths: works very well under pressure.
Weaknesses: She has a relatively short fuse when it comes to stubbornness, she tells the truth as she sees it, like a lack of filter between her thoughts and her mouth.


General History: Lilian Shi was born in a suburban household, in which she spent most of her childhood indoors instead of outside like most other kids. Her early school life reflected this as well, spending most of her time with her textbooks instead of other people. She was always pressured by her parents to get a good education and to be something important, so she decided that saving lives was the most important job anyone could have. She attended Austin State University straight after high school, spending a relatively uneventful four years before moving on to Dell Medical School in pursuit of her doctorate. After a one on one with her teacher, he admitted that she was clever enough to get into Oxford, if she pursued it, and recommended to her that she should submit an application. She was accepted after two years of submitting her personal statement and school track record, she was shown to fail the Biomedical Admissions test at least once. Five years of red eye study nights, close calls in terms of falling grades, and hard commitment saw her on her way as a Doctor of Medicine. After moving back to the states, she joined her specialization internship at the John Hopkins center, where she specialized in general surgery. Then she later completed a fellowship training in trauma critical care. She spent ten years in the surgical center of San Diego and recently published a paper called 'Ethics vs. The Law'

Present Life: The Foundation took notice of Dr. Shi's impressive history, and her resent papers, and interviewed her under the guise as the Scripps-Conn Pavilion, a prestigious hospital. She answered with her usual truthful demeanor, and they accepted her. Dr. Shi has performed numerous successful procedures during her time in the Foundation, and is exceptionally good at what she does.

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