Doctor Dylan King

Character Name: Doctor Dylan King

Aliases: Dr. King, Dylan

Played By: Doctor King

Position: Ph.D Pharmacology/Pharmacy, often fills and dispenses prescriptions of Foundation Staff and administers necessary amnesiacs. Level-3 Researcher, and assigned to SCP-484 and other drug related SCPs.

Description: Tall, thin, pale skinned, with straight, thick black hair often seen in the style of a combover. Wears a royal blue collared shirt wit a royal blue and black striped tie, with dark khaki slacks and black dress shoes. Often seen wearing a clean, white, neatly kept lab coat over his attire. He is very professional and takes his job seriously, unless he is around women, on which he will try to flirt with them.

Background: Dr. King was born June 17th, in ████████, ████████. He grew up in an average middle class suburban environment and received a decent education. In his life he felt like he could do something to help the world using the powers of science. Through this motivation he was drawn to the field of Pharmacy and the sciences of chemistry and pharmacology. He graduated from ██████ High School with a GPA of █.█. He was then accepted to ████████ University and graduated with a Ph.D in Pharmacology and a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. Soon after, he was approached by the Foundation due to his transcript and permanent record and hired him. Eventually he worked his way up to Level-3 by doing extensive research on drug related SCPs and by prescribing and dispensing medication to Foundation staff. This took him ██ years to do.

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