Dr Katja Ulrike

Character Name: Katja Emilie Ulrike (Dr. med.)

Played By: EarthlyMaiden

Alias(es): Dr. Oktoberfest, Kat(and similar variants), The Walking Encyclopedia, The German Intern Chick,

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Clearance Level: 3

Education: Dr. med. degree from the ████████ University of ██████


  • Medical doctor
  • Handles physical examinations for new personnel

Description: A caucasian female approximately 5'10" tall and weighing in at 220 lbs. (If you put anything in this about me being 'built like a brick sh*thouse', your booster shots are getting scheduled quite early. -Love, Dr. Katja Ulrike)
Dr. Ulrike has bright green eyes and curly brown hair that is commonly tied up with a rubber band and a red ribbon. Katja is particularly known for her love of scrubs with bizarre and jovial patterns, as well as her crisp, clean labcoat. She wears large glasses to correct her myopia.

Dr. Ulrike is bold, loud and jovial, sometimes to the point of coming off as aggressive. This can be off-putting to some, but Dr. Ulrike's excitability is generally harmless. Psychiatric evaluation has suggested that Katja may have a case of Asperger's Syndrome, which would explain why she seems to be oblivious to her social ineptitude. When it comes to patients, however, Dr. Dr. Ulrike is known for having a fantastic bedside manner. Despite any eccentricities, she has a very steady hand and an unflinching desire to learn.

Dr. Ulrike has a very healthy affinity for strong lagers and thick steaks.

Background: Katja grew up as the middle child in rural ██████, Bavaria, in the south of Germany. The rest of her family is not involved in foundation affairs, nor are they aware of the details of her occupation. Her early life was a relatively uneventful one, revolving around her involvement on her family's farm.

Katja was discovered by the Foundation when a number of personnel suffered life-threatening injuries in Munich. The four survivors were located at the nearby K███████ ██████████ university hospital, being treated for their injuries. Dr. Ulrike was completing a residency during this period in time. All the medical staff involved were given amnesiacs as per protocol, but they seemed to be largely ineffective on Dr. Ulrike. The young resident was subsequently 'asked' to work for the Foundation.

Dr. Ulrike's duties within the Foundation are mainly in treating injuries and administering medications.

Any of Dr. Ulrike's inquiries about 'Wolpertingers' should be ignored unless a live specimen is provided. -Dr. ████

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