Dr. Kalyn Seidel

Dr. Kalyn Seidel

Position:Researcher (neuroscientist)

Clearance Level: Level 2

Class C Personnel

Affiliation: SCP Foundation

Qualifications: PhD Of Biological Sciences (majored in Neurosciences, minor in structural cell biology)

Age: 34

Location: Site 06-3 (Humanoid Containment Site)

Biography: Average Childhood. No spectacular childhood trauma to complain about. Graduated high school on time and graduated University at the age of 25. Once she graduated university
she was offered a lucrative business opportunity by a company looking for
fresh graduates in the States. The study was if there was a way to derive
an image from EEG when a subject was dreaming. She studied this from the age
of 21-27, and when she was 25 her team discovered how to derive an image.
This resulted in many drunken scientists and annoyed bartender. After that
discovery, Dr. Seidel dedicated her next 3 years entirely to her studies.

Recruitment story: When Dr.Seidel was 30, she felt she was getting closer
and closer to discovering more information about brainwaves. The SCP foundation
had been keeping an eye on her ever since she had worked on the project
that discovered the image and had noted approval on her dedication to the
project after the discovery. However, what set her apart from the other extremely
capable scientists was that she was completely alone, other than the occasional
phone call to her family in Canada. All of the other scientists either had wifes,
husbands, children - or close family. Since Kalyn had moved from Canada
to the States, her family had limited contact. She hadn't made any friends
because of her dedication to her work. So because of her solitude the SCP Foundation
contacted her and asked if she would be interested in joining their team.
At first, Kalyn was reluctant to leave the research that she had spent
several years of her life on, but they eventually piqued her curiosity and
she accepted, primarily because she saw an opportunity to further her research
on brainwaves through the SCP Foundation.

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