Dr. Jun Ogawa

Name: Dr. Jun Ogawa
Clearance: Level 2
Position: Researcher
DOB: 06/23/1982
Description: Asian female of average height and build. Hair typically worn in low ponytail. Suffers from severe myopia, wears glasses to counteract.
Qualifications: BS in biochemistry, MD with specialization in neurochemistry. Bilingual, with equal fluency in Japanese and English.

Background: Daughter of Japanese expatriates Sōichirō Ogawa (deceased) and Chikako Ogawa (emigrated to Japan). Received Bachelor’s of Science from California Institute of Technology in 2002; received Medical Doctorate from Stanford University School of Medicine in 2006. Subsequently hired as medical researcher by Harmon Pharmaceuticals. Was fired in 2009 after her involvement with a project deemed to be in violation of the Declaration of Helsinki was publicly revealed1. Was recruited by the Foundation shortly afterwards as an Assistant Researcher. Promoted to Researcher in 2013, with a focus on projects involving mind-affecting cognitohazards.

Psychological Profile: Dr. Ogawa is highly goal-oriented, typically focusing on the long-term benefits to society as opposed to short-term effects on an individual. Towards her peers, she is polite, but stiff and distant; interviews suggest that she suffers from a level of social anxiety typical of those intellectually isolated as a child. She possesses an unusually high level of emotional detachment from research subjects. Recommended for research projects that involve testing on D-Class subjects or humanoid SCPs.

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