Dr. Joshua Reilly

Name: Dr. Joshua Reilly

Aliases: Reilly, Josh, Joshie, JR, Dr. Reilly, The Neat Freak

Age: 36

Played by: LackingSonic

Position: PhD, Medicine, Philosophy. Medical Researcher and Doctor at Site-██ Medical Wing.

Clearance: Level 3

Assigned to: Specializes in SCPs that act like contagious diseases, has been known to spend most of his time on SCP-1363

Description: Tall, average build, black hair, 5 o'clock shadow, short hair, thin, mostly seen in a lab coat.

Background: Born on June 5th 1968, his above average intelligence and dedication to medical research prompted the Foundation to offer Reilly a job as a Medical Researcher, which Reilly immediately accepted. Since his recruitment into the Foundation Dr. Reilly has experimented with many dangerous medical SCPs, including SCP-008.

Personality: Dr. Joshua Reilly is very serious and organized, he can't stand a messy office, hence the nickname "the Neat Freak". He enjoys his job and is very dedicated to his research and his patients. When working on medical SCPs he will attempt to find treatments or cures for the unlucky people infected with them. Dr. Reilly has anger issues he is currently working on overcoming he has given up on overcoming and has been known to cause harm to people and objects around him during a fit a rage, personnel should be cautious around Dr. Reilly if they think he is angry.

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