Dr John Wilson

Full name: John Marion Willson
Other names: John, Johnny, Dr Wilson
Date of birth: April 28, 1987.
Current occupation: S.C.P Foundation medical staff. Currently working On Site 17. Level 2-security clearance.
Biography: Born in Southeast Kansas, John was considered to be a bright child in his small town of 2500 people John excelled in biology and anatomy and eventually chose to become a doctor. He then went the university of (REDACTED) to fulfill that goal. He came to the foundation's attention on X-XX-200X during his residency at St (REDACTED) Hospital in ( REDACTED ) Kansas in which he saved over (REDACTED ) patients over the course of 36 grueling hours of nonstop work . After completing his residency he was approached by Foundation recruiters and has been employed by the foundation where he serves to this day as a doctor\medic ever since
Weight: 120kg
Hair: brown (cut short)
Eyes :brown
Wife: Jaden Wilson(b. 5-24-89)
Son: John Wison Jr. (b. 7-18-12)
Personality: Polite and helpful, although prone to stubbornness.
Skills: Medicine, Field Medicine, andFirearms (mainly due to the region of the United States he is from)
Languages spoken: English, Russian(served with MTF-Alpha 5 as medic for brief period during the summer of 200X)

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