Dr. John "Junior" Richards

Character Name: Dr. John “Junior” Richards

Aliases: Junior, Dr. Richards, Jack, etc.

Played By: thatnerdjack

Affiliation: Foundation

Position: Researcher (Level 2 Security Clearance), assistant work on computer-based SCPs (e.g. 603, 713), software development

Background: Before he joined the Foundation, Dr. Richards, or “Junior” as he is known by everyone, worked as a government-employed programmer, specializing in cyber-security. He was a key contributor to the development of software for several next-generation computers, and drew the Foundation's attention when he designed several programs of varying levels of use. These programs include an advanced database security package, a suite of cyber-warfare tools, and a search-and-destroy engine.

Personality: Dr. Richards is a quirky introvert who is often considered sarcastic and mildly arrogant.

Appearances: None.

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