Dr. Jeffrey Brown Stache
Vintage picture of Dr. Jeffery Brown Stache in a Victorian gentleman outfit. Taken in 2001 at the Victorian convention.

Character Name: Mr. Jeffrey Brown Stache

Aliases: Jeffrey, Mr.Brown Stache, Dr.Brown Stache

Age: 44

Played by: TheHistoryNerd

Position: Medical Doctor, Level-2 clearance.

Description: Male, 6.0 feet, skinny, Caucasian, brown moppy hair, huge brown mustache, blue eyes, glasses. Wears a lab coat, short khaki pants, American flag tie, and on special occasions a top hat.

Background: Dr. Jeffrey Brown Stache was born in Ohio and graduated at the top of his class from Case Western Reserve. He later received an MD in general medicine. After finishing his education, Jeffrey Brown Stache got a job at The Cleveland Clinic. His streak still stands as the doctor who has not lost a single patient, which came to the Foundation's attention. Dr. Stache has been working at the Foundation ever since.

Normally, Jeffery is on call during most of the day with his medical staff. Most of the time, Dr. Brown Stache treats humanoid SCPs and Foundation members. During break he is normally seen in the break room.

Personality: Jeffery is overly social, and tries to be friends with everyone in the facility, including the SCPs he treats. Jeffery is smart, not necessarily wise, but makes up for it by having a decent amount of common sense. His side hobby is a strong passion for history and can quote FDR’s famous speech, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

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