Dr. Ivan Ogadro

Character Name: Dr. Ivan Ogadro

Aliases:Ivan, Dr. Ogadro, Ogadro, Droog

Security Clearance: Level 3

Position: Field Researcher

Location: Site-104

Played By: DrDrash

Description: Tall and slightly muscular. Long dark-brown hair (in a short,sloppily done ponytail), brown eyes, in early thirties. Usually wears a brownish, lightweight hunting outfit with a black vest and heavy duty boots. When possible, equipped with his hunting bow and knives. Will smoke the occasional Cuban cigar.

Background: Ivan Ogardo joined the Foundation when he was extracted by Foundation Personnel from SCP-416 after surviving a month alone without food or rations. Aside from well developed survival and hunting skills, Dr. Ogadro has a backgrounds in Zoology, Ecology, and Botany. When combined, his skills and knowledge make him an expert in the field.

Ivan Ogadro is always up for a drink and will often invite others to go camping. Despite being quiet and reserved, he will recount past events, and sometimes teach friends and assistants some survival skills. Dr. Ogadro often has difficulties with the more recent technology.

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