Dr. Isaac Mercury Holland

Character Name: Isaac Mercury Holland

Aliases: Isaac, Dr. Holland

Age: 30

Played by: Dr HysteriaDr Hysteria

Profession: Extraterrestrial research

Security Clearance: Level-2

Qualifications: Master's degree in astrophysics and cosmology

Physical Description: Dr. Holland is a Caucasian male of Irish descent approx. 6 feet tall, often accompanied by his American Shorthair Cat named Aurora. Isaac appears slightly malnourished with balding hair and a large black beard. His usual attire includes a UCLA Blue paisley button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of jeans with sneakers.

History: Isaac was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. His parents were the owners of a library containing a large bronze globe statue, which (in his recovered journal entries) is said to be his inspiration for becoming an astronaut. Dr. Holland was apparently bullied as a child due to his malnourished body and tall personage. He found emotional refuge in a girl named Mei Yuna, a Japanese female, later his future wife and fellow astronaut.

Prior to recruitment by the Foundation, Dr. Holland was involved in a space flight to a previously unexplored region of the universe. Unfortunately, Mei disappeared during a failed shuttle launch, at the age of 29. The cause of disappearance was confirmed to be an unspecified space-time anomaly that teleported her shuttle into an unknown sector of the solar system. Dr. Holland, now the father of his six year old daughter Kim, was hired by the Foundation to conduct an investigation into the disappearance of the missing shuttle due to his extensive knowledge in physics and astronomy.

Skills & Assets:

  • Knowledge of other planets and solar systems
  • Understanding of space-time anomalies
  • Design sketching (e.g. drew up layouts and designs for the Site-██ telescope)

Personality: Dr. Holland can be described as socially awkward, rarely making attempts at social interaction with co-workers. He is often very quiet and keeps to himself when researching; if a conversation is made, he will try his best to make an impression on people. It has been noted that he is more comfortable around female staff members, showing a lot more enthusiasm for social activity and productivity in his work while they are around.

Isaac has begun bringing his pet cat to work as she apparently keeps him company when doing research, site directors have allowed him to bring her to the facility because it increases overall staff morale. Dr. Holland is also very squeamish when it comes to certain objects, always refusing to work with sentient or sapient anomalies.

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