Dr. Ipsum

Name: Dr. Mel "Lorem" Ipsum

Aliases: Lorem Ipsum, Mel, Dr. Ipsum, "Baby-Face Mel"

Position: Site Supervisor of Site 18. Head researcher on SCP-2700.

Played by: Genex Gamma

Age: 30

Description: Dr. Ipsum is of a slightly above average height. He has slightly scruffy, shoulder-length hair, usually tied into a loose ponytail. His hair is a very dark brown, almost black. Dresses in a white, military-esque lab coat which reaches just below his knees. Also wears black boots. Is frequently told that he has child-like facial features by his colleagues. Hardly the fittest man.

Background: Dr. Ipsum lives and works at Site 18, spending his free time examining SCP-2700, "Teleforce", through his personal monitor. His interest in the object is questionable, as he has been known to spend many nights, sleepless, examining the object. Dr. Ipsum is a very proficient marksman, and, when he isn't examining SCP-2700, is shooting targets. He joined the Foundation's cause because it intrigued him…not because he cared. Having an IQ of 152, Dr. Ipsum is quick-thinking, cunning, and confident in his actions. A valuable asset, he could also be a potentially dangerous adversary.

Motto: If you show the slightest hesitation, those who seek to usurp will not hesitate where you did.

Addendum A-01: As of [REDACTED], Dr. Ipsum is to be monitored at all times by security personnel. Personnel should alternate shifts every hour. At no time is surveillance of Dr. Ipsum to be revealed to him.

Note: Yes, at all times means while he's sleeping, while he's showering, everything. We can't risk his dissent.

-Security Chief Franklin

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