Dr Iosif Azarov

Name: Dr. Iosif Azarov

Aliases: Iosif, Azarov

Played by- Sirinterweb

Age- 45

Qualifications- PHD in Chemistry, former member of the US military ([Data Expunged]). Performed tests on several SCPs including [Redacted]

Personal History- Originally born in Russia, his family immigrated to the US to seek out a better living. They first lived in [Redacted], but eventually moved to [Redacted] after several years. Iosif graduated from high school 3rd in his class, and headed to the university of [Data Expunged]. After Graduated with a PHD, he went into the military and made it to the rank of W-5 before being recruited by the foundation. When given the choice of agent of Dr, he chose to be one of the foundations many Doctors

Personality- Iosif is a stubborn person, however he shows his coworkers, superiors, and those under him some respect, enough not to be disciplined for showing disrespect. When not working, he tends to be more so on the vulgar side of speech, and doesn't tend to associate with a lot of people. Has also shown to be a misanthrope.

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