Dr. Hologram

Character Name: Dr. Hologram

Aliases: Dr. Simon Mortimer, The Ghost Of Dr. Simon Mortimer

Played By: Charlie Higgins

Position: Containment specialist, A.I. Researcher, Materials Researcher, Member of The Ethics Comity, Professional Hologram

Field of Expertise: Containment Preparation, Replacement and removal - Artificial Intelligence - Anomalous Materials - Digital Technology.

Clearance Level: 3

Description: Varies as he can change form at will

Background: The one known as Dr. Hologram was once known as Dr. Simon Mortimer until on ██-██-████ he was killed during a large scale containment breach by SCP-682. Some time after the breach Dr. Hologram was first discovered when Dr. Mortimer's office was being cleaned out. During the cleaning a small hatch opened and through it rolled a small, unremarkable metal orb that was revealed to be a mobile holographic projector which also contained an A.I. replica of Dr. Simon Mortimer. The A.I. within explained that as Mortimer had died while still under Foundation employ the A.I. he created was activated to continue Simon Mortimer's work. As more people came to know of him the first uses of his current nickname 'Dr. Hologram' began, the A.I. didn't mind the nickname and allowed people to call him which ever name they liked better. Dr. Hologram's has been described as the "Calmest thing in existence" by his fellow employees, which was also how Dr. Mortimer's personality was described.

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