Dr. Halsey

Aliases: Doctor Halsey, Halsey, The Doctor

Played By: Doctor HalseyDoctor Halsey

Position: Affiliated with the Chaos Insurgency R&D department, Beta class researcher. Based out of San Francisco, cell unknown.

Description: 5'11'', 38 years old, pale, and of Caucasian descent. Wears a black and grey fedora, a lab coat, a black shirt, trousers, and a pair of grey tennis shoes. Black haired, brown eyed.

Qualifications: A doctorate in engineering (D. Eng), from UC Berkeley.

Background: Doctor Halsey was recruited by the Chaos Insurgency in May of 2003 at the age of 23. He studied at University of California at Berkeley for thirteen years before attaining his doctorate in 2012. Doctor Halsey is suspected to be related to Frederick Halsey, a former operative of the MTF: Red Right Hand.

Psyche Profile: Halsey is a withdrawn person, one who will not normally contribute much in a group setting. When he believes he is alone he tends to be quite vocal and emotional; his ideas are unorthodox but effective nonetheless. Once he has gotten to know a person well, he tends to display more indication of his emotional state around them. At times Halsey is morally conflicted with the nature of his work with the Chaos Insurgency; while currently negligible, the development of this trait is to be monitored.

Note: In addition to working his assigned projects, Dr. Halsey has also found the time to work on a number of side projects. Most of these projects are single-use gadgets designed by Dr. Halsey; a few of his creations have been mass-produced and equipped by combat groups. Most of his designs are indecipherable, making it impossible for others to replicate. Halsey has been allowed to work these side projects on the condition that they do not hinder his assigned work.

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